Where are we in Tilburg?

Everything in 15 minutes...

Within a 15 minutes walk

Everything within this cirkel you can reach in a 15 minute stroll. So if you arrive by train it will take you a short 15 minute walk to our front door. Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk is a perfect base that you can call ‘home’. Of course we tell you all kinds of nice things about Tilburg and our region in our blog posts. In this post we just show you a few top highlights of our immediate surroundings: The post ‘Everything within 15 minutes’ shows you how wonderfully central the position of our B&B in Tilburg is.

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B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk city-centre Tilburg

Yes this is our street, this is our street front. If you see this you are at your destination Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk, and there is even more to it in this place, and this nice street.

BnB-Tilburg, central train station only at 15 minute walk

This is Central Station Tilburg. If you are arriving here, you are at 15 minutes walk from our place Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk.

BnB-Tilburg to Music-venue 013 is even a 2 minutes walk

This is the most Modern Music Venue in Town 013, and it sits in the same street as Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk, at just a two to three minutes walk. It looks like a big capped black box. If you visit it, you will discover there is a lot more to it. Here you will get so close to your favorite band, you will feel it. After the concert in 013 and a short walk, you have your pleasant overnight stay at our cozy B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk.

Hall-of-Fame within 12 minutes reach

Here we are in ‘De Spoorzone’, the Hall of Fame, skate park and music venue and yes also this nice coffee bar in a railway wagon.

Spoorzone RAW restaurant and sunny terras

This is RAW the restaurant in ‘De Spoorzone’, and they have this very nice south facing terras, great for afternoon drinks.

North side of the Central Station Tilburg

Here you see the North side of the Central Station Tilburg, as you will see a lot of new developments are happening just around here…

De Wagon for nice coffee and the bites

These are De Wagons, a place with nice coffee but also other bites and ice cream. Probably the place in Tilburg that brings you closest to the feeling of the ‘Orient Express’.

Restaurant de Houtloods

This is the terras of ‘De Houtloods’, a very nice restaurant… if you want to give yourself a special treat, well this is the place.

Spoorzone Food Station

This is also at the North side of the train station, new high rise here and the Food Station (left in the photo), a great place for lunch with cuisines from all over the world where you can order your food.

Stekelenburgplein - Lockhal

This square is the ‘Van Stekelenburg plein’, in the back the LocHal (now the Library) a renovated and transformed train refurbishment plant.

Nieuwlandstraat de Vijfsprong

This is the ‘Vijf Sprong’, a crossing where 5 streets meet like the ‘Nieuwlandstraat’, walk strait up from the Central Train Station, following on through the ‘Stationstraat’.

Oude Markt en Concertzaal

Here we are at the ‘Oude Markt’ just facing the ‘Concertzaal‘ the classical music venue.

Heuvelkerk en Heuvel

This is the central-city square ‘De Heuvel’ facing the ‘Heuvel Kerk’.

De Piushaven just a stroll of 10 minutes

The ‘Piushaven‘ the local inner harbour, now transformed to a new leisure hot spot in our town, just at a 10 to 12 minutes walk.

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Renowned museums, Popcentrum 013, an abundance of (affordable) restaurants, cozy cafes, terraces and a center with a beating shopping heart. Tilburg is sparkling because of its various art courses,

i.e. nurseries for young talent such as the Conservatory, Dance, Rock Academy, Visual Arts, New Media and Creative Industry. Have you ever visited the De Pont Museum, the Textile Lab or a performance in De Nwe Vorst? I want to know what tempts you to spend the night in Tilburg? A place where it is good to stay, book your stay with us.

Hooked, nice cocktail bar in town
Hooked, very nice cocktail bar at the corner Korte Heuvel
B&B-Tilburg Book fair around the Palace.

Feel at Home

Whether you like classical music or pop music, contemporary art or industrial heritage, whether you like dance or cabaret, big movie crackers or cult films … You will find it all in Tilburg: from Popcentrum 013 to Concertzaal, various theatres and stages, cinemas or alternative locations… A great place to hang out, to just enjoy.

“I didn’t really know that Tilburg is such a nice city with such a diverse offer”, is not for nothing one of the most heard reactions. Nice things to do in Tilburg! And that goes for nice cultural things as well. Be surprised by the fantastic offer of our city and feel welcome at Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk.