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What tempts you to spend the night in Bed and Breakfast Tilburg? Art and Culture in a City of Art Producers, Tilburg a city that thrives, inspires and surprises. That is Tilburg. A place where it is good to stay.

Renowned museums, Popcentrum 013, an abundance of (affordable) restaurants, cozy cafes, terraces and a center with a beating shopping heart. Tilburg is sparkling because of its various art courses, i.e. nurseries for young talent such as the Conservatory, Dance, Rock Academy, Visual Arts, New Media and Creative Industry. Have you ever visited the De Pont Museum, the Textile Lab or a performance in De Nwe Vorst? This post is written by B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk, just to make you a bit aware of these gems of Tilburg.

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Eventing City

But you understand: Tilburg is more. For example, an eventing city with a calendar that runs from April to November: Popular entertainment at the Tilburg Fair, Music festivals like Best Kept Secret, pricking a fork at Tilburg Culinary and going ‘underground’ at special festivals such as Roadburn. Check this post for an overview of festivals and events. The cultural highlights follow each other in quick succession. Tilburg is sixteenth on the list of attractive municipalities in the Atlas of Municipalities.

Tilburg is ‘the place to be’. It is buzzing with creativity and a lot of fun things happen! More and more people discover Tilburg and like to stay one night in Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk. And once you have tasted that Brabants hospitable atmosphere at Bed and Breakfast Tilburg and the hospitality of Gust van Dijk, you no longer need anything else.
Art and Culture in Tilburg offers something for everyone!

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In these blog posts, we’ll tell you about what’s special or striking about Tilburg. From fun facts to nice information for the curious visitor. Feel free to read on.

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Your preferences

Whether you like classical music or pop music, contemporary art or industrial heritage, whether you like dance or cabaret, big movie crackers or cult films … You will find it all in Tilburg: from Popcentrum 013 to Concertzaal, various theatres and stages, cinemas or alternative locations…

“I didn’t really know that Tilburg is such a nice city with such a diverse offer”, is not for nothing one of the most heard reactions. Nice things to do in Tilburg! And that goes for nice cultural things as well. Be surprised by the fantastic offer of our city and feel welcome at Bed and Breakfast Tilburg.

Studying in Tilburg?

How do I surprise my son or daughter studying in Tilburg? Do you live at a certain distance from Tilburg? Just book your stay at Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk – in the Veemarkt Kwartier – right in the center. You invite your son or daughter for a pleasant evening or afternoon. Or you go on a room hunt together?

We at Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk are happy to inform you about our surprisingly active city and ensure that your stay at Bed and Breakfast Tilburg is an experience in itself. And then we haven’t even mentioned the rural character and natural beauty in the surrounding region. In short, extend your stay with a night at Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk! You be surprised by the multitude of what Tilburg has to offer.

Art and Museums

Gust does like to bring local art and culture to your attention. City Theatre, Concert Hall, 013-Poppodium, live music partout. Then there are surprising museums such as the De Pont Museum for contemporary art or the Textile Museum with its Textile Workshop, the Textiel Lab and the local history of this town as wool-town and its impressive textile production history.

B&B-Tilburg Textielmuseum Textiel Lab
B&B-Tilburg Tivolipark in maart, Magnolia waterval
B&B-Tilburg The Art of Lace