General Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions

of Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk

I. Applicability

I.1. These general terms and conditions apply to all services hereinafter called ’booking’ or ‘services’ of Bed and Breakfast Tilburg – Gust van Dijk. The terms ‘You/ Your/User/‘Customer’ are in this document used to refer to all individuals and/or entities who for whatever reason contact Bed and Breakfast Tilburg – Gust van Dijk by phone or access or use Bed and Breakfast Tilburg – Gust van Dijks’ services.

I.2. The use of the services implies full and unconditional acceptance and validity of each and all the General Terms and/or Conditions – which are deemed to be automatically incorporated into the contract concluded with Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk, hereinafter referred to as ‘We/Us/Our/‘BnB Tilburg’, without the need for Your written transcription in the same – included in the latest version of these General Terms and/or Conditions.

I.3. Should BnB Tilburg change its general terms and conditions before the termination of the contract, the updated version is incorporated into the contract if the Customer to the contract is informed about this in writing, with reference to these legal consequences, and the Customer does not object to the incorporation within a period of 14 days.

I.4. Reference by the Customer to their own General Terms and Conditions is not accepted by BnB Tilburg. Only the General Delivery Terms and Conditions of BnB Tilburg apply. 

I.5.. Should individual provisions of the accommodation or individual provisions of these general terms and conditions for BnB Tilburg accommodation be or become ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions will remain unaffected by this.

I.6.Bed and Breakfast Tilburg is located in a beautiful Amsterdam School type townhouse that was originally built as a family home and not a purpose-built hotel. 

II. Pre-booking Services

The online Pre-booking services are for information only, and their sole purpose is to offer the user the possibility of checking the availability of a room. THE USER WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITHIN 24 HRS, CONFIRMING IF THEIR BOOKING HAS BEEN PROCESSED, AND WILL CONSEQUENTLY ONLY BECOME BINDING ONCE BNB TILBURG HAS ACCEPTED THE RESERVATION BY MEANS OF EMAIL CONFIRMATION AND SUBSEQUENT PAYMENT BY THE USER. The user must verify the booking confirmation and notify BnB Tilburg of any error immediately in writing. 

III. Online Booking Services


III.2. Procurement procedure: When using the service, the User will receive an email confirmation in which is included the confirmation that their request for booking is in the process of being confirmed. If you are a Customer, once the corresponding debit for your reservation has been made, you will receive an email confirming this. This is also the Customer’s proof of payment.

IV. Booking and Cancellations

IV.1. The contract, called ‘Booking’ comes into effect on request from the Customer through the acceptance by BnB Tilburg. BnB Tilburg needs to confirm the booking in writing. 

IV.2. If a third party makes the booking for the Customer, it is liable to BnB Tilburg as the booking partner together with the customer as a joint debtor. 

IV.3. Withdrawal of the customer from the contract for accommodation will not incur any charges for advance cancellation, provided that this is done prior to the specified deadline as stated in IV.4. Once this threshold has passed, BnB Tilburg will make a cancellation charge as compensation.

IV.4. A withdrawal by the Customer from the booking (cancellation) requires the prior written consent of BnB Tilburg. In case of withdrawal more than 2 weeks before the reserved date, 15:00 hrs, a withdrawal administration fee of 20 euro is due. Between 2 weeks and 1 week before the reserved date, 50% of the cost of the reserved item is due. Up to 1 week before the reserved date, attract 100% of the cost of the reserved item this includes also No Shows.

IV.5. Bookings cannot be transferred to any other person(s) at any time prior to arrival or during the stay. If You wish to transfer a booking to another person the original booking must be canceled in accordance with our standard cancellation terms. Once the booking is canceled a new booking can be made

IV.6. In the event of a delayed arrival or early departure, there can be no credit for room nights not taken.

IV.7. There can be no credit for meals not taken during Your stay.

V. Services, Prices, Payment, Billing

V.1. BnB Tilburg is obligated to perform the services ordered by the Customer and agreed to by BnB Tilburg. 

V.2. The Customer is obligated to pay BnB Tilburg the agreed prices for these and other services enlisted. This also applies to services and expenses induced by third parties. 

V.3. If BnB Tilburg rescinds, the Customer has no claim for compensation. 

V.4. If the period between the conclusion of the contract and the fulfillment of the contract as defined by the contractual agreements exceeds four months and the general price charged for such services is increased by BnB Tilburg, this can increase the contractually agreed price as appropriate.

V.5. BnB Tilburg’s bills are payable immediately upon receipt of the invoice without any deduction, unless other payment terms and conditions are expressly agreed. BnB Tilburg is entitled to render accumulated claims for payment at any time and may demand immediate payment. If payment is delayed, BnB Tilburg is entitled to claim interest for delay amounting to 10% above the base rate for companies and 5% above the base rate for consumers. 

V.6. BnB Tilburg is entitled to demand upon conclusion of the contract full payment, appropriate advance payment or a security deposit in the form of a credit card guarantee or similar from the Customer. If this payment is not made within the agreed period, BnB Tilburg can withdraw from the contract and claim compensation for damages. 

VI. Room Availability, Delivery and Return

VI.1. Booked rooms are available to the Customer from 15:00 on the day of arrival. The Customer has no claim for earlier availability. Customers who arrive before 15:00 can move into their room as early as possible, according to availability. 

VI.2. The booked rooms are to be taken by 18:00 on the day of arrival. BnB Tilburg is entitled to demand a guarantee for late arrivals. 

VI.3. The Customer must inform BnB Tilburg at least 24 hours in advance and in writing about their estimated time of arrival.

VI.4. On the agreed day of departure, check-out is at 11:00 at the latest. After that time BnB Tilburg can charge 50% of the agreed price of the room for the additional use of the room up until 15:00, and 100% up until 18:00. 

VI.5. Possible claims for compensation for damages by BnB Tilburg are reserved. 

VI.6. BnB Tilburg reserves the right to cancel a booking with a full refund after confirmation has been received.

VI.7. Whilst We endeavor to supply your first choice of accommodation we reserve the right to change the room if and where necessary. There will be no extra charge in the event of an upgrade.

VII. No Smoking & No Vaping

BnB Tilburg is a Non-Smoking and Non-Vaping establishment, this applies to all areas of the house and the surrounding area including the front porch and the house terrace. If You wish to smoke, You may smoke on the balcony providing you close the doors and windows to your balcony. You may also use the garden terrace upon request. Failure to comply with this will incur cleaning and extra room night charges whilst the room is out of use.

VIII. Liability and Damages

VIII.1. BnB Tilburg and its owners are not liable for damage caused by or that are in connection to the services provided or performed for or to a Customer by BnB Tilburg or Our staff, unless BnB Tilburg can be blamed for gross negligence.

VIII.2. The Customer is liable for all damages to BnB Tilburg building, fixtures and furnishings and its equipment, which was caused by the Customer.

VIII.3. We will seek compensation where another guest is inconvenienced and unable to use a room through a previous guest causing wilful damage.

VIII.4. Other than for death or personal injury caused by Our negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation, Our total liability to You is limited to the price of the Booking and in no circumstances will BnB Tilburg be responsible to You for any indirect or special damages.

VIII.5. We will not be liable for failure to provide the services to the extent that the failure is caused by any factor beyond Our reasonable control. 

VIII.6. The Customer is responsible for any damage or loss caused to BnB Tilburg, including any damage to Our property by Your act, omission, default or neglect and the Customer agrees to indemnify BnB Tilburg. You agree to pay BnB Tilburg on demand the amount reasonably required to make good or remedy any such damage or loss.

VIII.7. BnB Tilburg reserves the right to terminate the Booking immediately without being liable for any refund or compensation where You engage in unacceptable behaviour that causes a disturbance or nuisance to Us or to other guests

IX. Defects

It is the Customer’s obligation to cooperate should defects in the deliveries or services by BnB Tilburg arise or services are disrupted. The customer is to inform BnB Tilburg about this immediately after it is identified so that BnB Tilburg is able to remedy the fault as quickly as possible or provide the delivery or service as understood under the contract. If this is not possible because of the nature of the defect/disruption, notification of defects must in each case be made to BnB Tilburg on the return of the rooms at the latest.

X. Personal Property

Guests are solely responsible for their items in any part of the house or the grounds. We accept no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items unless caused by the negligence or wilful act of BnB Tilburg or Our staff.

Road side parking is available. When the Customers park their car they do so at their own risk. BnB Tilburg does not accept responsibility for damage, accident or loss.

XI. Lost Property

If personal property is left behind after departure,  BnB Tilburg will make every effort to contact the guest and discuss its return.  Postage and shipping must be paid for by the Customer. In the event we cannot contact the Customer, items will be held for approximately 3-months then disposed of.

XII. Residents Only

For the comfort and safety of our resident guests, visitors of our Customers are not permitted on the premises, under any circumstances. Unless these Customer’s visitors have been announced and the Customer has received written permission by BnB Tilburg. Non-residents will be asked to leave the property immediately.

XIII. Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Information given directly to BnB Tilburg as part of the booking process is never shared with anyone or any business.  You can read more about our Privacy Policy by clicking here, a new window will open.

IVX. Disputes and Applicable Law

IVX.1. All disputes between the parties will be brought before the regional court in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, unless BnB Tilburg prefers to submit the dispute to another court for review; this provision does not intend to prejudice mandatory legal provisions concerning absolute and relative jurisdiction.

IVX.2. Dutch law shall apply to all offers, orders, and contracts subject to these General Terms and Conditions and the agreements resulting therefrom.

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