10 Restaurants at the Piushaven

Fancy dining by the water's edge?

Within short walking distance from Bed and Breakfast Tilburg here is the Piushaven. Celebrate life and treat yourself to delightful Burgundian cuisine at one of these ten restaurants at the Piushaven.These beautiful waterfront spots are perfect for a lunch in Tilburg or an exquisite dinner. Whether you’re in a romantic setting for two or with a larger group of friends, you’ll find a restaurant that suits your preferences for lunch or dinner.

Drinks at the Piushaven?
There’s a good chance you’ll enjoy a beer and some ‘bitterballen’ at Café Burgemeester Jansen. This was one of the first establishments to venture into the hospitality scene at the Piushaven. Since 2005, Burgemeester Jansen has been a place for a cozy drink, a tasty lunch, or simply engaging conversations with friends.

Where did all the people go?

Okay, I’m still working on this post. Like food, it’s never finished. I want this post to be informational and to let it look good. So the images are clickable, to show them enlarged. Then of course two questions arise. You wonder ‘where did all the people go?’. That is a privacy aspect. I took some photo’s at quiet hours. No, not everybody is keen on being photographed, or even being published on a website, having a lovely diner with nice friends. So it lacks a bit of atmosphere and I am still working on assembling photographs which explain this better. Second question is, where is the food? Well there is a short answer to that. Click yourself on the link to the website of the restaurant, and they show themselves where they are capable of. Indulge yourself and treat yourself to all those lovely pictures of their dishes and get hungry. Inspect the online menu’s and make your choice. Not all website have English, but you get the picture.

Tapperij Burgemeester Jansen

Who was Burgemeester Jansen?

Who was Burgemeester Jansen, after whom this café, formerly known as ‘Havenzicht’, was named in 2005? Jansen was the longest-serving mayor of Tilburg, from 1869 until 1901, with a 32-year term in office. His full name was Johannes Franciscus Janssen, also known as Jan Jansen. He was born on June 4, 1824, in Drunen, where his career began. At the age of 27 (in 1851), he became the municipal secretary of Drunen, and from 1860 to 1869, he served as the mayor of the same town. In 1869, he was appointed as the mayor of Tilburg, a position he held until his passing on November 13, 1901. Throughout his 32 years as mayor, Jansen made significant contributions to Tilburg.

In the second half of the 19th century, Tilburg experienced rapid development and transformed into an industrial city with numerous factories, mainly in textile processing. He played a key role in important initiatives for Tilburg, including the realization of the Wilhelminakanaal, which led to the establishment of the Piushaven in 1923. Although he didn’t live to see the completion of the Wilhelminakanaal (the groundbreaking took place only in 1913), he was an active and enterprising mayor. He advocated for the construction of a sewage system in the city and pushed for the establishment of a railway connection between Tilburg and Nijmegen. Jansen was a beloved mayor.

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B&B-Tilburg House front, view from the Tivoli-park

What makes this history special?

What makes this history special is that when we renovated Gust van Dijk’s building for a new future, Daniël Meijer and Erwin van de Velde had just transformed Havenzicht into Burgemeester Jansen. It became the place where we would go to relax at the Piushaven and enjoy a beer at their Grand Café after a day of renovation work. This was about 15 years ago. If you go to the Piushaven now and look around, you have plenty of choices with different terraces. If, after your beer, you decide to opt for an extensive lunch in Tilburg or a well-prepared dinner at a restaurant in Tilburg, there are plenty of options at the Piushaven.

Wandeling B&B-Tilburg naar café Burgemeester Jansen, Piushaven

Where to dine in Tilburg?

Choose one of the following restaurants near Burgemeester Jansen, within walking distance of our B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk. Here are the ten restaurants at the Piushaven.

Restaurant Good Mood Piushaven Tilburg

Good Mood

Let’s start with a Good Mood. Here, you can enjoy a delightful lunch, indulge in an extensive dinner, or have a cozy drink with oysters, a luxurious snack platter, orBourgondian bitterballs. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and is located on the corner. More information about this restaurant follow the link to their website: Good Mood.

The Harbory restaurant just on the corner is closed for an indefinite time. With Stadskombuis Harboury, the Piushaven has gained another cozy restaurant. In the small & fine restaurant you will be culinary surprised with delicious dishes and unique combinations, prepared by the chef. Traditional cooking techniques are used. Think of stewing in a cast iron pan or slow cooking in the oven. You put together your own menu and you can choose between a small or a large portion. This way you decide whether you want a main course or whether you want to taste several dishes. Finally, look at that terrace with a wide view over the harbor. Wonderful for a summer evening. See what goodies are put on the table here, check out their website yourself Harboury.


Restaurant Stadbrouwerij-013 is closed but soon will reopen named ‘Graanbeurs’. A tasting room, brewery, and more… Stadbrouwerij-013 is a cozy place where you can enjoy Burgundian delights. They brew delicious beers that they personally enjoy, respecting traditional beer styles. This establishment exudes Burgundian coziness and has a unique location. Beers and nice food, inform yourself on their website, check Stadsbrouwer-013.

Albatros Streetfood

The Albatros is closed for the winter season. The Albatros is a 100-year-old cargo ship with a rich history as a “party boat.” Now, the new operator of this restaurant brings ingredients and inspiration from all over the world. They serve a flavorful mix of luxury and street food dishes from different continents. Alright, go a bit further and take a look on their website: Albatros-Streetfood.

Eethuis Twintig

Restaurant Eethuis Twintig changed is name to Pulcino’s. With its industrial appeal – formerly the Falcon Raincoats Factory – this restaurant is modern and slightly different from the other restaurants at the Piushaven. It exudes a relaxed and casual atmosphere that you can enjoy all day long. Whether you stop by for lunch, a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or simply to have drinks with friends, Eethuis Twintig always welcomes you. The menu offers enough choice. The evening menu consists of exciting dishes and flavor combinations and yes, the vegan-menu here is also challenging. I bet you want to see it for yourself, go to Pulcino’s.

De Belinda

Restaurant De Belinda is closed for a indefinite time. It used to be a hair salon on a pontoon. Now, it’s a restaurant where simple dishes shine, and the interior reminds you of your grandparents’ home, with a touch of Palm Springs. All of this is right in the heart of Tilburg’s Piushaven, offering a beautiful view of the water. Go and find out for yourself, take a look at their website here: Restaurant De Belinda.

Restaurant Jaxx Marina

At Jaxx Marina, you can experience the Mediterranean ambiance at the Piushaven in Tilburg. Enjoy refined French dishes with Asian influences at this restaurant. Fine dining in Tilburg takes on a different dimension here. Inspect their menu online, go to their website: JaxxMarina.

Smit Vis aan de Haven

Smit Vis aan de Haven is both a seafood restaurant and a fish specialty shop where you can buy delicious fish specialties ranging from herring sandwiches and salads to ready-to-eat meals and fresh fish. Here, you can also indulge in delightful dishes where fish takes center stage, both for lunch and dinner. Well, you want to catch that fish yourself, or buy one. See all information on their website: Smit-Vis.

Restaurant RAK

At the end of the central pier of the harbor, you’ll find Restaurant Rak. This restaurant offers a modern international cuisine of high quality, served in a warm, friendly, and accessible setting. Chef Giel van Schaaijk’s menu and the extensive wine list make a visit to RAK more than worthwhile. Treat yourself and you immediately start plan your next visit. More information you find on their website: Restaurant-RAK.

Shinzo Sushi Lounge

Aanzicht restaurant Shinzo

At Piushaven Boulevard, you can savor the delicious Japanese cuisine with flavorful fish and sushi dishes at Shinzo Sushi Lounge. This is a highly popular place in Tilburg for Japanese cuisine lovers. Here, you pay a fixed price per person for the menu. And now you want to see the menu, okay follow the link Shinzo.

The summer approaching

With summer approaching, it’s delightful to spend time at the Piushaven. Whether you want to have drinks, enjoy a lunch, or indulge in an extensive dinner in Tilburg, you can find it all here. If your favorite cuisine isn’t among the options mentioned, there are other wonderful dining options in Tilburg that can surprise you with their cuisine and dishes. For example, you can explore the eateries at Oude Markt or Heuvel.
However, if you want to enjoy an unparalleled view over the water, a spot at Piushaven is an absolute recommendation.

We, at B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk, hope that this selection of restaurants at Piushaven inspires you to indulge in a delightful lunch or dinner in Tilburg. Discover the culinary diversity and enjoy the beautiful waterfront surroundings. Bon appétit, and we’re just around the corner! Discover the ten restaurants at the Piushaven in Tilburg.

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``The good life``

The term “Burgundian” conveys the same idea of a lavish, hearty, and pleasure-seeking culinary experience. It effectively captures the essence of the original meaning and should be readily understood by English speakers. “The good life” is indeed another valid interpretation for conveying the essence of “Bourgondisch” in English. It captures the idea of celebrating life, of indulging in the pleasures of food, drinks, and overall enjoyment of life. So, if you feel that “the good life” better resonates with you and the intended message, this is a suitable alternative translation for “Bourgondisch.” Ultimately, it that we want to convey this concept which is weaved into the ambiance of Tilburg, to our English reader, and let you know that you come to the right address if you want to enjoy life in all its simple and easy benefits.

If you want to explore Tilburg, book your stay at Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk.

And while you’re here, you want to learn more about Tilburg. Would you like to increase your visit motivation a bit? Now feel free to read on with this blogpost.

Celebrating the good life with attention to sustainability

5 conscious choices for a sustainable visit to the Piushaven

  1. Choose sustainable restaurants: There are restaurants on the Piushaven that are actively committed to sustainability and local food sources. Look for restaurants that use seasonal, organic, and locally sourced ingredients.
  2. Reduce food waste: Enjoy the delicious dishes, but be aware of your portion size. If possible, ask for an adjusted portion and consider taking leftover food home.
  3. Choose plant-based options: Try a vegetarian or vegan dish. Plant-based meals generally have a smaller carbon footprint and can also be surprisingly tasty.
  4. Limit your meat consumption: If you still want to enjoy meat dishes, choose quality meat from local and sustainable sources. Reduce the frequency of meat consumption and explore other protein-rich alternatives.
  5. Opt for sustainable modes of transport: Consider walking, cycling or using public transport to travel to Piushaven. If you’re coming by car, try carpooling or participating in a car-sharing program.

Together we can enjoy the delicacies that the Piushaven has to offer, while making conscious choices that contribute to a more sustainable future. Let’s celebrate the good life while taking care of the health of our planet

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Birdseye Piushaven Tilburg juli 1980

A bird’s eye view of the Piushaven in juli 1980, with its two forked quays still in its original form. In 2023 the Piushaven celebrates its first centennial.