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Celebrated music venue for Pop Culture

“Pop culture is celebrated in 013” is a bit cryptic to open a text with. But yes in Tilburg we have an important music venue for “electronically amplified popular music”. From death metal to song of life and from hip hop to rock. The news that Poppodium 013 was going to rebuild in 2014 has been received with joy.

In the new 013 Tilburg there is a hall where 3000 visitors can enjoy their favourite band. During the renovation, the emphasis was placed on the intimate and special musical experience that Poppodium 013 is praised for.

This blogpost is written by B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk to explain you a bit more about this music icon. How it came to be, and its renovation and enlargement a few years back. As music-venue at a three minutes walk from us, it is very much alive and kicking.

Accordingly, in the new 013 Poppodium there is again a lot of attention for the famous sightlines. The ‘new 013’ has an improved air conditioning system so that even during the climax of the acts, enjoyment is paramount. The big hall will go from 2000 to 3000 visitors and the small hall from 325 to 700 visitors, making 013 Tilburg again the biggest popmusic venue in the club circuit in the Netherlands.

B&B-Tilburg Popcentrum 013 nieuw laad perron

B&B Tilburg – 013 Poppodium, to and from  is  250m. Consequently, after your concert visit in 013 you stay comfortably at Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk. Here you can easily and quickly arrange an atmospheric overnight stay. This unique and surprising Bed and Breakfast is not even a stone’s throw away from one of Holland’s most famous Pop Temples: 013. If you say Tilburg you say 013. Tilburg is a music city where the telephone prefix 013 became the name -in the 90’s of the last century- of a beautiful discovery, building a concert hall for pop music in the heart of Tilburg. Many visitors come to Tilburg to experience music. As part of the outing, they choose to stay the night. A nice stay in the high-profile B&B: Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk is the favourite choice. Spending the night at a stone’s throw from Poppodium 013 is really nice, comfortable and easy!

B&B-Tilburg, How the extension of 013 was build
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B&B-Tilburg, How it all began 013 Noorderligt

Long lasting relationship

What do Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk and 013 Poppodium have to do with each other, except that they share the fantastic location at the Tivolipark? That relationship goes back a long time. In 1997 the city council of Tilburg finally agreed to the proposal to build a music centre for pop music in the centre of Tilburg. At that time Jan-Willem van Rijnberk was one of those who successfully lobbied, as support member of D66, for the realization in the centre of Poppodium 013. Now he is the owner of “Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk”.

‘Muziekcentrum 013’ originated from three Tilburg music organizations including Noorderligt where pop music was programmed since 1984. Noorderligt was frequently visited by Van Rijnberk, who was at that time a music and theater festival-organiser.

In 1998, 013 Podium for Popmusic was festively opened on the current unique spot in the centre of Tilburg. The facilities are renowned and the location is beautiful. Poppodium 013 put Tilburg on the map as a music city. More about the special character of the building can be seen in this short video below

B&B-Tilburg, Popcentre-013 inside, after the extension

013 Poppodium is the biggest music-venue in the South of the Netherlands

Want to know more about 013-Poppodium Tilburg follow this link the-013-story to their website!

Look for updates

013 Poppodium
Veemarktstraat 44
5038 CV Tilburg

Phone number: 013-4609500

E-mail 013: info@013.nl

Look for the current programme on the website of the 013-Popcentre

B&B-Tilburg, popcenter-013-detail

Easy to reach with public transport by train

Poppodium 013 in Tilburg is easily accessible by public transport. It is only a short 10-minute walk from Central Station and the route to it is really very simple.

If you leave the station, cross the street at the pedestrian lights and turn left to follow the street which passes in front of the station (the Spoorlaan). Then you walk straight on until you get to a large intersection with traffic lights and on your right have the ice cream parlor InterMetzo. Here you turn right into the Heuvelring. Take the first opportunity left the Veemarktstraat and follow this street until right after the curve you arrive within 10 minutes walk, at Popcentrum 013.

As you see Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk is just a stone throw away from Popcentrum 013. Thus make your visit to your favorite band concert at Popcentrum 013 to a real discovery, stay the night over at our lovely and comfortable B&B. You soon discover how nice and lay back the atmosphere is in our city of Tilburg.

B&B-Tilburg, Popcentrum 013

By car to 013 Poppodium

When visiting 013 Poppodium by car, pay attention to where you park the car, so that you avoid a parking ticket! Parking is very strictly controlled to counteract the additional parking pressure in the neighborhood. Simply planning your trip with Google can give you the wrong outcome. 

Where is it best to park your car?

There are three places to park your car as you drive to 013 Popcentrum. I can advise you to use these car parks to park your car. 

  • Parking Garage 013 Tivoli
  • Parking Garage Pieter Vreede Plein
  • Car Park Spoorlaan
B&B-Tilburg, New extended 013

It's only a short few minutes walk from B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk to 013

B&B-Tilburg wandelroute naar Poppodium 013