Piushaven Tilburg

Piushaven, Tilburg's inner harbour

The Piushaven in Tilburg is an increasingly popular place to stay by boat or for the cosy atmosphere, at this inner harbour: Tilburg on the Waterside.

At a short walking distance from Bed & Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk lies the ‘Piushaven’. After the recent facelift, the quay has been refurbished and in the summer months, in addition to visitors with boats, there are also the cosy terraces of the cafes and restaurants, which are located here. This blog post is written by B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk, to tell you that the Piushaven in Tilburg has become a new ‘hotspot’ of the city.

Built in the 1920-1930, the harbour was meant to propel Tilburg’s economy as an industrial town. Shipping in raw materials and shipping out the newly produced goods. As a result of the renovation, the Piushaven has become an increasingly attractive place. A good starting point in the weekend is Café Burgemeester Jansen. It is a nice place to grab a terrace in the afternoon. The harbor is an increasingly well-equipped place that is worth a visit, because of the many restaurants and of course the Stadbrouwerij-013, which is also a good place to be. At the head of the harbor is Restaurant RAK. There are regular activities organized in Piushaven. In August, for example, there are a number of open-air cinema screenings and the Dragon Boat races. In 2023 to commemorate its 100 year of existence, means big celebrations on the 5th and the 6th of August 2023, two days of all kind of events will take place at the harbor.

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B&B-Tilburg Piushaven Stadbrouwerij 013
B&B-Tilburg Falcon-Raincoat factory Piushaven

Falcon Raincoats

Here at Piushaven you will also find the complex of the former ‘Falcon Raincoat Factory where now are located Chocolaterie Geerts, Bakkerij Bikken en Bakken. Chocolaterie Geerts is well known for his tasty and fine chocolates. And during summer evenings it is now one of the distinctive quay fronts along the harbor, where restaurant EethuisTwintig found its spot.

B&B-Tilburg Brug Den Ophef, John Körmeling

Den Ophef

This is the name given to the special new drawbridge ‘Den Ophef’. This new bridge has recently been built over the Piushaven connecting-canal. Even so as his other project ‘the rotating house’, “Het Draaiend Huis” this is a project of artist-architect John Kormeling, who made with this bridge named ‘turmoil’, his second landmark project in Tilburg

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B&B-Tilburg Piushaven historie 1930

AaBe Factory

The former woolen blanket factory AaBe has now been renovated and has become a hub for a number of interior design shops and in the former Ketelhuis there is now a real pancake restaurant: De Pannenkoek Fabrique Het Ketelhuis.

B&B-Tilburg AaBe Fabriek Ketelhuis Pannenkoekenfabriek

Leij Park

From Bed & Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk it is now, only a fifteen-minute walk to the Leijpark. You cross the harbor-cannel over the new bridge ‘Den Ophef’. The Leijpark is also designed by the well-known garden architect Leonard Springer as is the ‘Wilheminapark’ up north. In the summer months, several music festivals are held here, such as Dance Tour. The Leijpark is the large un-known of the parks in Tilburg. Here you walk between the open greens and pass under large trees. Within minutes you imagine yourself in wonderful natural surroundings. The Leijpark is a 30-hectare large park. It was designed in 1919 by Leonard Springer and is located on the southeastern beach of the city. The park was created in between 1934-1939 because there were sever problems acquiring the grounds it is built on. Now it is an indispensable ‘green lung’ between the city and the motorway A58. Another well-known city park of Tilburg is located near the University of Tilburg, De Oude Warande.

B&B-Tilburg Leijpark

Ready for a Cycle trip?

Of course, it is a nice walk, to round the harbor and even to cross the Leij Park. It is a nice exploration on foot. Otherwise, if you know to ride a bicycle, you can also rent a city-bike to explore Tilburg by bike.

B&B-Tilburg Piushaven movies at the waterfront

Fancy dining at the waterfront?

Within short walking distance (10 minutes) from Bed and Breakfast Tilburg you have great places for a lunch of to dine at the waterfront. Celebrate life and treat yourself to delightful Burgundian cuisine at one of these ten restaurants at the Piushaven. These beautiful waterfront spots are perfect for a lunch in Tilburg or an exquisite dinner.

 It’s only a short 12 minutes walk to Café Burgemeester Jansen

B&B-Tilburg Piushaven wandelroute Café Burgemeester Jansen