Parking 013

Visiting Popcentrum 013, so where do I park my car?

When visiting Popcentrum 013 by car, please pay attention to where you park the car, so that you avoid a parking ticket! Parking is very strictly controlled to counteract the additional parking pressure in the neighborhood.
Simply planning your trip with Google, can give you the wrong outcome.

So since the summer of 2019, parking violations are controlled by a ‘scan-mobile’. It’s a small on electric energy driven car, with 360-degree cameras on top. So, Nobody escapes the ‘scan car’. So not paying for parking is playing with fire in Tilburg. The scanning cars which are driving around make the chances of a parking fine very high. So it is better to avoid the risk and prepare to find the right spot to park your car.

Scan-car in action in Tilburg

Skip the car, go by public transport

Popcentrum 013 in Tilburg is easily accessible by public transport. It is only a short 10-minute walk from Central Station and the route by foot to 013 is really very simple.

If you leave the station, you cross the street at the pedestrian lights and turn left to follow the street which passe in front of the station (the Spoorlaan). Then you walk straight on until you get to a large intersection with traffic lights and on your right have the ice cream parlor “InterMetzo”. Here you turn to the right into the Heuvelring. Take the first opportunity left the Veemarktstraat and follow this street until right after the curve you arrive within 10 a minutes walk, at Popcentrum 013.

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From here it is a 10 unite walk to Popcentre-013

Where it is best to park your car?

There are three places to park your car, as you drive to Popcentrum 013. I can highly advise you to use one of the car parks to park your car. Note that you need to consider the choice where to park your car upfront, as you drive into Tilburg!

If you plan your route, you can not find these places where you can park your car properly, because Tilburg city-centre has circular one-way traffic regulation. This means that if you are on the wrong side of Popcentrum 013 by car, you can not reach the entrances to the car parks and have to turn back. All parking spots are only accessible via the Spoorlaan, so look close and pay attention that you do not choose to cross the surrounding districts and end up on streets who run to the wrong side of 013. So setting out for the two streets where Popcentrum 013 is located; like the Veemarktstraat and Korte Heuvel, won’t get you there. Both streets are closed to traffic and you won’t be able to reach the car parks. You will end up in one way traffic circulation, which is very frustrating. Especially if you want to reach your concert on time.

Streng parkeerbeleid in Tilburg
At the AVIA-next-turn-left-to-entre-parking-013-Tivoli

Pick one of these options to park your car

If you are driving into Tilburg, follow beltline East /Ringbaan Oost until you reach the railway viaduct, then here, turn left. So you’ll go straight on to the Spoorlaan, now you have three places to park your car:

First option

P1 – 013-Tivoli (TomTom address – Achter de Heuvel 3-5038 CW Tilburg)

This is the car park which is closest to the Popcentrum 013 and actually is the best option. Here there are more than 775 places and the headroom height is 1m90. The entry follows immediately after the large ‘rose’ office building of insurance company Interpolis on to the Spoorlaan, immediately after you pass an Avia service station on your right hand. Keep left at the traffic lights and drive into the entrance to P1, the 013-Tivoli car park.

This car park is open every day from 7:00 am – 4:30 pm

Rates € 2, – per hour (Minimum charge: € 0.50)

Max. daily rate € 16, – Payment by cash (up to € 10, -. notes) or with Visa and Mastercard

Evening rate: If you drive in after 6:00 pm, you can park until closing for only € 6,-. Prepay: If you are driving in after 6:00 pm, you can already pay your ticket with advance payment button. The cash register automatically calculates € 6,-. Do you park for less than three hours, then you should NOT use the advance payment button!

Driving up to the entrance of parking 013 Tivoli

Second option

Then are two car parks within walking distance of Popcentrum 013. The car parks at the Pieter Vreedeplein and Heuvelpoort are just within three minutes walking distance of Popcentrum 013.

Note: The entrances of these parkings are accessible only by passing over the Spoorlaan and then onto the Heuvelring. The addresses for your TomTom:

P2 – Pieter Vreedeplein – Magazijnstraat 46-5038 BP Tilburg P3 – Heuvelpoort – Heuvelpoort 354-5038 DT Tilburg

Cars with a greater height than 1m90 (Third Option)

Then use the Switch Park on the Spoorlaan. Note: you need to book your place in advance via You park already for € 0.80 per hour Spoorlaan (max. € 6 per day), which is only 3 minutes walk to Popcentrum 013.

Popcentrum 013 itself sells no exit tickets for the car parks

No, as yet 013 can not sell exit tickets. Note that especially at the Tivoli car-park long queues can occur during a show or concert or after a show or concert at the ticket vending machines. Tip: Use the pay-advance option or install the Park Mobile app. Doing so you do not have to wait for your turn at the ticket vending machines and you thus can drive away more easily.

Is the height of your car higher as 1m90, chose for Switch-carpark

3 options to park your car close to 013 Popcentre