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Music venue Poppodium 013

Quite close to Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk in the heart of Tilburg, you will find music venue Poppodium 013: the largest pop-stage in the south of the Netherlands with two concert halls that can accommodate a total of 3,700 visitors. Visiting a music concert in Tilburg? The distance B&B Tilburg – 013 (to and from) is about 250 metres. That is really as close as you can get to arrange your overnight stay after attending a concert of your favorite musicians or band. Poppodium-013 can rightly be called a unique music temple because in addition to live concerts there are also dance and club nights, non-pop programs, international festivals such as for example Roadburn and activities aimed at beginning musicians. In addition to the three concert halls, the building also houses a recording studio and six rehearsal rooms.

The largest concert hall of 013 is the ‘MainStage’ (formerly the Dommelschzaal), with a capacity of 3,000 visitors the largest hall in the Dutch club circuit. Thanks to the ascending stairs and the U-shaped balcony, there is a good view of the large stage throughout the hall. As a result, we at Gust van Dijk believe that, despite the large capacity, the hall will always remain intimate.

This blogpost is written by B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk, just to tell you that music is a real extra quality of Tilburg. There are specific stages all over the city and there is a lot of live music performed and of music course to listen to.

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The Unique Building of 013

The 013 building, which is specially designed as a pop-music stage by Benthem Crouwel architectural firm, can also rightly be called unique. The special and characteristic exterior of the building immediately catches the eye. The facades are covered with a black quilted bedspread and the CDs that are attached to the facade express the character of the building in a functional and playful way. If you have chosen your stay at Bed and Breakfast Gust van Dijk and you walk to the centre, you will automatically pass 013 and you see by yourself how the building makes its appearance.

Poppodium 013 provides each year a diverse program, which will appeal to lovers of different types of music. Since its opening in 1998, international artists have performed in 013 as Robbie Williams, Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Alice Cooper, The Roots, Tool, Blondie, Damien Rice, Kraftwerk, Editors, Interpol, Armin van Buuren, Pablo Francisco, Ice Cube, Lucky Dube, Chuck Berry, and many others. 013 organizes approximately 400 activities a year with a total number of visitors of more than 230,000.

To read more information about the history of Poppodium 013

Check yourself the website of 013

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B&B-Tilburg AMPA-Fontys
B&B-Tilburg Concertzaal Theaters Tilburg

Theatre venue Stadsschouwburg

and Classic Music venue Concert Zaal

Of course, Tilburg also has a fantastic stage for lovers of classical music. From Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk easily accessible by crossing strait through the shopping center of Tilburg-city centre. A walk of just fifteen minutes and you are standing in front of the entrance of this fantastic concert hall. The concert hall was designed by architect and former Chief Government Architect Jo Coenen, who also made a striking appearance of this building, located as the neighbour to the Stadsschouwburg. The interior of the main hall, with its special lighting design by Peter Struycken, is immediately appealing and overwhelming.

Current information about concerts and music performances can be found on the website Theaters Tilburg.

B&B-Tilburg interior Concertzaal Tilburg, Theaters Tilburg

Live Music everywhere

Well, you can’t speak about Tilburg without talking about the music-centered education we have over in Tilburg at the Conservatorium and The Rock Academy. Now recently combined in The Fontys Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA) is an ambitious, innovative conservatory program. Find here more information about the AMPA program.

Consequently, through the influx of new (international) students in all the different disciplines of music, dance, and performing arts, the city bubbles of these young people performing on the many small or bigger live stage we have throughout the city. So besides the ‘landmark’ institutions we just spoke of above, there are quite a few others: The Hall of Fame, Club Smederij, Cul de Sac, Little Devil, and lots of other places and cafées which have a live-performance podium.

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Attending a concert. Discover how nice it is to book a lovely overnight stay nearby. Bed and Breakfast Tilburg is super central for concert visitors, whether you go to Theaters Tilburg, the Classical Concert Hall, Paradox, the Nieuwe Vorst, Hall of Fame, De Spoorzone, or Poppodium 013, B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk is really just around the corner, on a walk from fifteen minutes at most.

Music Festivals

Tilburg has a name to keep as eventing city and music festival town. Though we lost Incubate and Mundial, we still have an abundant list of events and festivals throughout the year. What to think about music festivals like Roadburn, WoHah and Best Kept Secret. About these festivals we keep you update in another post. Please check what Tilburg has to offer on the Tilburg Event Calender.

In these blog posts, we’ll tell you about what’s special or striking about Tilburg. From fun facts to nice information for the curious visitor. Feel free to read on some others.

B&B-Tilburg Stadschouwburg

It’s only a short walk to 013

B&B-Tilburg wandelroute naar Poppodium 013

Only 15 minutes to the Stadschouwburg

B&B-Tilburg wandelroute naar Theaters Tilburg
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