In den Bockenreyder

Out in nature

You want to be out and about for a few days and enjoy the cosiness of Brabant. Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk wants to introduce you to a very special place,

where walking is fantastic and where you can relax on the terrace or inside by the crackling wood fire. “In Den Bockenreyder”, the cosy inn, where they still sprinkle sand on the floor like in the old days, centred and uniquely situated on the Estate “De Utrecht”. A true paradise, near fens and in the middle of the woods. Here you can also go by bike.

B&B-Tilburg-visit to In Den Bockenreyder

Discover the Burgundy enjoyment

It is Gust van Dijk’s recommendation to go to “In Den Bockenreyder” to taste the atmosphere of the pleasant Brabant life and secretly dream that you could have been a Robin Hood-like rascal or an exciting farmer’s daughter with arms full of pitchers of beer. While you read the menu of Brabant delicacies, a delicious glass of abbey beer will be tapped for you. Look at all those cheerful faces around you and think: “What a place to be! This is Burgundy’s enjoyment!”

B&B-Tilburg, Visit to the 'Bockenreyder' Esbeek

Robin Hood like outlaws

Who were the Bockenreijders? According to tradition, the Bockenreijders were a gang of robbers who in 1730-1765 made the Dutch South Limburg, Belgian Voerstreek, the areas just across the German border and the Kempen unsafe. The raids were generally directed against farms and parsonages. Later, through all kinds of stories and mysticism, the Bockenreijders got a “Robin Hood-like status”.

The menu is written in local dialect

 “Minse, komtur bè zitte, ge zed welkom!

Ge zit hier in of bij u nauw kuffééke. Dè kufééke issur al dik 75 jaor! Eigelik al un paor honderd jaor, mar toen wast un ‘stille knip’ òn dun andere kant ut hiet “Den Bockenreyder”…”

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B&B-Tilburg In den Bockenreyder Esbeek
B&B-Tilburg 'De Bockenreyder', boscafé Esbeek