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How to find a nicer place to spend the night?

How to find a nice hotel for your stay in Tilburg city centre? To book the best hotel accommodation in Tilburg through the Internet, it is not so easy. With a search engine in charge, it is not always easy to find something special. Although you may be familiar with popular hotel booking websites like, Zoover, or, finding a unique and local experience can be a bit overwhelming. Even daunting if you are looking for something locale. AirBnB? Consequently, where can you find the offer of a Booking com related hotel for the second time for the same price? Despite websites full of promising price offers, all these slogans make your head spin. This post is written by B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk, just to show you how to find our website with a little persistence. Online, you will be asked a lot of perseverance if you want to find a nice and special place to spend your overnight in the city-centre of Tilburg. “How do I find a real B&B?” here, in all this piled up advertiser’s violence. We understand the struggle, and we want to guide you in finding a nice and special place to spend your overnight stay in the city center of Tilburg.

How can you find the perfect B&B amidst all the advertising noise? And then suddenly,  just like that, you’re on our website now! You’ve found us: Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk, a small scale ‘real’ B&B, in the heart of Tilburg. Bulls-eye, you are on the brink of unlocking a treasure find.

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Searching ``Hotel in Tilburg`` and finding us

Our question is, how to help you look for the best lodging accommodation on the internet if you want to become or guests? After almost 15 years of being a special place in Tilburg, all hoteliers advertise with “Bed and Breakfast Tilburg”. So how can we guide you to find the nice guestroom, that matches what you feel like..?

While you are looking for a comfortable overnight stay, it can happen just like that. You are looking for a hotel to spend the night in the centre of Tilburg, and you’ll find our Bed and Breakfast. With a little help from Google, you reached the website of Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk. You suddenly find yourself on this website of our fantastic B&B. Right in the heart of Tilburg. A special place to spend the night! Welcome, indeed you are on our website! And now you have found us…, book your room directly with us! Skip the commissions the booking platforms otherwise charge both sides.

Make your choice for B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk in the city centre. Act Now.

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Choose for a pleasant and well-tended overnight stay in our luxurious and atmospheric Bed and Breakfast. All rooms have a unique and high-profile furnishing and of course a unique, luxurious bathroom.
You stay overnight in a building built under architecture in 1936 in the style of the Amsterdamse School – Nieuwe Zakelijkheid. You can enjoy our own place with all the amenities in our ‘House of Contemporary Art’. This way you encounter this special “homy feeling” and with yourself. A house that was created with an eye for detail while maintaining its authentic character.

B&B-Tilburg House front, view from the Tivoli-park

Real attention makes everything more beautiful

The starting points for designing the interior were homeliness, ease of use, and surprise. Artists and designers from the SEA Foundation have furnished the rooms, which are by design, flooded with daylight. That’s why you can stay a great night at Gust van Dijk. Enjoy sleeping in a comfortable bed, in a pleasant place in the city centre of Tilburg. After that, the day begins with a healthy breakfast, which is freshly prepared with special care for you!

Special extras

There are luxurious guest rooms at Gust van Dijk with each private bathroom. Orange Submarine has a sunny balcony and City Park Green is a room with a bathtub and separate rain shower, overlooking the Tivoli Park. On top of that, there is the Red Corner Suite and Life Less Ordinary Studio Loft to choose from. You sleep in a round bed. Of course, there is free Wi-Fi in all the rooms, in the salon, in the garden, and on the terrace for free, super-fast Wi-Fi. On top of that, we offer free overnight parking in between 15 pm and 09 am.
BnB-Tilburg Gust van Dijk is a four-star qualitatively certified Bed and Breakfast with four Tulips granted by the Dutch B&B-sevice organisation Bed and Breakfast Nederland.

Making a choice for a Hotel or a B&B?

If Gust himself has the choice between a Hotel or a BnB, then Gust prefers to choose a well-kept Bed & Breakfast, even when he is traveling for business. Gust is charmed by these elegant, authentic, and cosy places to stay. Above all, he appreciates the small-scale character, the direct contact with people, and likes to go local. The host or hostess who will quickly guide you with “residential tips” about their city. This personal attention and the good quality of care means that every bed & breakfast has its own, distinctive and special character. In addition this is something that makes a stay extra interesting when you are traveling for business or for fun. And yes, this also is applicable to Tilburg.
We at Gust van Dijk will always do our utmost to offer you a pleasant and well cared for stay. If you are curious, please check quickly if there is still a room available for you at the desired date with us. Be on time, as our offer is limited being a small scale B&B : -) Check our reviews at Tripadvisor or read these.


If you stay overnight in our ‘Home to Contemporary Arts’ B&B, it is mainly to have a good bed, a rain shower, a fresh breakfast to make a perfect location. The bonus is of course the surprising encounter with art, culture, and fascinating contemporary design. This can also be an unexpected conversation with one of the professional artists, who are also our guests.
While you have a wonderful overnight with us, you’ll be supporting the arts, while you’re dormant. That is a nice extra. Because your visit enables exhibitions, film screenings, and conversations about contemporary art to be held in galleries on the ground floor. Book your luxury room now?

What if all our guest rooms are already been booked?

If all our guest rooms have already been booked, you can choose to stay in a hotel in Tilburg. In addition to the number of BnB’s that the city has to offer, Tilburg offers a wide choice of hotel accommodation. That is why we created this information page for you. We are only small-scale, so when the demand exceeds our possibilities you need the right input. Here you will receive information directly from people who know the local situation well.

You can find hotels both in the city centre and on the outskirts of the city. Let’s take a closer look.

From spring 2018, the hotel offers in Tilburg is almost double. With the arrival of the ‘Van de Valk Exclusive Hotel Tilburg’ with 150 hotel rooms, more on this later in this text. Then in the end of 2019 Corona hit all of us… so three year were lost. In  2023 finally we got back on track and could leave Corona behind.

Hotels in the Centre of Tilburg?

So, which hotel to choose?
To help you in your search for a Hotel in Tilburg, we have drawn up a ‘hotel list’ below, which gives you a good overview of the hotels available in Tilburg. How to filter the search results for instance based on your budget preferences? Or its location conveniently near popular attractions and landmarks? Do they offer free parking? Is breakfast included? mostly not in a hotel. In a hotel everything comes with a price tag.

In the city-centre of Tilburg, there are two hotels. Hotel Mercure, a hotel from the Accor Group with 93 rooms. This is the largest hotel in the centre of Tilburg. Hotel Mercure is located directly on ‘de Heuvel’, the square in the heart of Tilburg’s entertainment area, where the former Hotel Riche once stood. The Heuvelplein is now surrounded by nightlife venues and restaurants. Mercure Hotel Tilburg has a brasserie with a terrace. The Mercure Hotel meets the expectations of an international hotel chain and the Mercure Hotel Tilburg in the hotel segment in the centre of Tilburg is just about the top of the local hotel range.

B&B-Tilburg Hotel Mercure Heuvel
Mercure Hotel Tilburg
B&B-Tilburg Van der Valk Hotel Tilburg
Van der Valk Exclusive Hotel Tilburg
B&B-Tilburg Google making the best of it.

The City Hotel is located directly opposite the Mercure Hotel. The City Hotel Tilburg was renovated in 2009 and has 18 functionally furnished rooms. Both Hotel Mercure and City Hotel are located directly in the busy nightlife area of Tilburg and on the main ‘de Cityring’ arterial route, which crosses through the centre. The back of the City Hotel is just located beside the big-central Heuvel Church, where its original big bronze bells are still sounded.

B&B-Tilburg City Hotel
City Hotel Tilburg

Both the Mercure Hotel Tilburg Centrum and City Hotel are only a short distance (± 300 meters) from Bed and Breakfast Tilburg. Our BnB is so to speak located at the rim of the city centre, in a quiet location opposite Tivoli Park. From Bed & Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk, the centre, the entertainment area, Poppodium 013, restaurants, cinema, the shopping area, and these two hotels are situated at an easy ‘bowing distance’.

Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk is an excellent location for you to visit Tilburg. Also when using public transport. The Tilburg Central Railway Station is just a 12-minute walk away from us. If you come by car, then there is even free overnight parking available. All for your convenience is what we have to offer. So even if you travel from abroad, fly-in through Schiphol-airport or Eindhoven-airport, we a convenient to reach. Amsterdam – Tilburg is a 1h30 drive. By train, it is also about 1h30 travel-time from Schiphol central train station to Tilburg.


In addition to the hotels mentioned above, the centre of Tilburg also has two ‘hostel accommodations’. The family Hotel-Café Het Wapen van Tilburg on the Spoorlaan with 5 rooms and 2 group rooms. The Hostel Roots Tilburg, opened in 2016, with several friends-rooms: 2-person and group rooms up to 10 people, on Stationsstraat. In terms of the hotel accommodation offered in the centre of Tilburg, this is it.

The hotels in Tilburg offer a range of amenities to enhance your stay. For example, Mercure Hotel Tilburg features a brasserie with a terrace and meets the expectations of an international hotel chain. While it doesn’t have a swimming pool or fitness facilities, it provides a comfortable and convenient experience in the heart of the city.
Mercure Hotel Tilburg, this hotel is within walking distance (300 meters) from us.
City Hotel Tilburg, this hotel is also located 300 meters from us.

The Hotels outside the centre of Tilburg

B&B-Tilburg Hotel Auberge du Bonheure
Hotel Auberge du Bonheure
B&B-Tilburg Hotel Postelse Hoeven
Hotel De Postelse Hoeve
B&B-Tilburg Bastion Hotel Tilburg
Bastion Hotel Tilburg
B&B-Tilburg Ibis Hotel Tilburg
Ibis Hotel

So if you are by car, there are also possibilities for hotel accommodation outside the city centre. Hotels located on the roads leading towards the city. Located on the outskirts of the city, these hotel sometimes offer additional amenities like sports and fitness centers, swimming pools, saunas, and spacious restaurants and meeting rooms or even a casino. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose a hotel that offers the specific amenities you desire. Ones you will find are:
Hotel Auberge du Bonheur Hotel (26 rooms)
Hotel De Postelse Hoeve (35 rooms)
The distance to the center of Tilburg from these hotels is more than 5 km and about a 15 minutes drive.

Motels and Formula chain Hotels
Of course, you can also stay in Tilburg in a Formula chain Motel, such as the Ibis Tilburg Hotel, the Bastion Hotel Tilburg, or the Best Western Hotel De Druiventros. These motels on the roads leading to the city offer good parking facilities.

B&B-Tilburg Best Western Hotel De Druiventros, Berkel Enschot
Hotel De Druiventros | Best Western
B&B-Tilburg Hotel Tilburg

Hotel Tilburg

In the summer of 2018 the Van der Valk Exclusive Hotel Group open a total new Exclusive Hotel directly on the approach road from the A58, called Van der Valk Hotel Tilburg. This Hotel Tilburg will direct be the largest hotel accommodation in Tilburg, with 150 rooms. Of course, it will be a large place with all amenities in the house, such as there is a sports and fitness centre, a swimming pool, saunas, and single suites. The restaurants and meeting rooms are spacious, just as known from the other Van de Valk accommodations. They even have an ajointing casino.

We looked forward that Van der Valk with an exclusive hotel on a large scale came to strengthen the accommodation in Tilburg. Earlier on, visitors to Tilburg were forced to move to the peripheral municipalities during the major events in Tilburg. Fortunately, from mid-2018 on, this is no longer necessary. With an extra 150 rooms in the more expensive segment, even more, people will be able to choose a surprising stay in our special and welcoming city of Tilburg. And luckily they made a good effort to research our website and the ‘Hotel Tilburg’-page success rate, to name their hotel likewise afterward to the title of our page with was first published in 2016.

Van der Valk Exclusive Hotel Tilburg is available since summer 2018, located at the exit of the motorway A58 motorway, 4 km away from the centre of Tilburg.

Now in the summer of 2023 in Safari park Beekse Bergen a new Safari Lodge Hotel has opened, with a view on the park.

To Recap:

  • Hotel Bastion Tilburg, this hotel is located 2 km away from the centre of Tilburg
  • Hotel de Druiventros, this hotel is in the direction of Berkel-Enschot, 4.5 km away from the centre of Tilburg
  • Hotel de Postelse Hoeve, this hotel is located 4.5 km away from the centre of Tilburg
  • Hotel Auberge du Bonheur, this hotel is located 5 km away from the centre of Tilburg
  • Hotel Ibis Tilburg, this hotel is located 6 km away from the centre of Tilburg
  • Van der Valk Hotel Tilburg is located 4 km away from the centre of Tilburg
B&B-Tilburg kijkje in de gastensalon
B&B-Tilburg, Garden side front with balconies and sunshades