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Looking for a hotel in Tilburg centre? Look no further! Best hotel information for Tilburg Centre, you find on this page. With a little determination and the right keywords, you have discover us. Ask the locals. Imagine this: you’re searching for a cozy place to spend the night in Tilburg’s heart. As you type “Hotel Tilburg Centre” into Google, you stumble upon our Bed and Breakfast. Thanks to a helpful nudge from Google, you find yourself on Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk’s website. Suddenly, you’re captivated by the charm of our fantastic B&B. Nestled in the heart of Tilburg, it’s more than just a place to stay; it’s an experience! Want to explore our wonderful central location and see for yourself. B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk has the perfect solution for you. Welcome to your home away from home!

An Internet full of options

Well, it’s true, the Internet is full of options. Amidst the multitude of search results and ads from one platform to another, discovering a truly unique experience can be daunting. Established booking sites such as Booking dot com, Zoover, Expedia, and Hotels dot com can overwhelm you. Even local options like Airbnb sometimes feel like a gamble. Where can you find that exceptional B&B that outshines the hotel chains? The question remains: How can we guide you to discover the ideal guestroom that perfectly matches your preferences?

For nearly 15 years, we’ve stood as a beloved destination in Tilburg. In a vast sea of options, all hoteliers started advertising under “Bed and Breakfast Tilburg.” So, how can you find the perfect accommodation online for your stay in Tilburg? It’s a small wonder you landed here! Here you will receive information directly from people who know the local situation well.

Rest assured, your search for the ideal lodging ends with us. At B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk, we offer not just a room, but a unique experience tailored just for you. Discover comfort, charm, and genuine hospitality in the heart of Tilburg. Welcome to your home away from home!

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Welcome! Now that you’ve found us, why not book directly with us, avoiding the commissions charged by booking platforms for hotels. Book a room directly online in our B&B? Your cozy retreat in our most wanted and beloved B&B awaits you! New memories are made here! Take a peak at our guestrooms here.

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Suppose B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk is fully booked

If our cherished small-scale B&B is fully booked on your preferred date, you’ll need to consider an alternative. Wondering what to do if selecting another date isn’t possible? Don’t worry; we have a solution for you.

Explore the offerings of the four hotels in Tilburg Centrum that we present here. As of the time this blog post was written – in case you’re not aware – the center of Tilburg only boasts these four hotel options. Each hotel captures Tilburg’s unique atmosphere in its own distinct way. Instead of sifting through the vast results Google provides, focus on the overview we’ve curated below.

Although we might not have availability, we still strive to be of service even when fully booked. Your comfort and convenience remain our top priority. We want to serve you well with the best information about the local hotels you can get.

Mercure Hotel Tilburg Centrum

Hotel Mercure Tilburg Centre

Let’s start with Hotel Mercure Tilburg Centrum. This large hotel with 80 rooms, aims to be your home away from home, in the heart of Tilburg. This large four-star hotel, is conveniently located a 10-minute walk from Tilburg Central Station on the Heuvel, right in the heart of the city. The Mecure Hotel not only offers 4-star accommodation, but also an ambience that, as they write on their website, invites warmth and relaxation. Park your car in the adjacent Heuvelpoort car park and the rest is taken care of… At this hotel, you start your day with an extensive breakfast buffet.

Hotel Mercure at the Heuvel square

At Hotel Mercure you can discover ‘Tilburg Twilight,’ a collection of 80 photos that capture the city at nightfall. These eighty cityscapes, accompanied by texts by Marcel de Reuver, each adorn a room and are also bundled in a coffee table book that attempts to capture Tilburg’s ‘unique beauty’. Hotel Mercure offers not only from a well-kept overnight stay, but also culinary delights in the bar. The Mercure Hotel steals the show with its revamped High Tea, composed of local delicacies from ‘So Delish’ from Tilburg and ‘t IJsboerinneke’ from Moergestel.

City Hotel Tilburg Centrum

Hotel Tilburg Centre City Hotel

Your next option for a Hotel Tilburg Centre, is located diagonally opposite the Mercure Hotel on Tilburg’s Heuvel, is the City Hotel. Nestled in the shadow of the Heuvelkerk church, this hotel boasts 18 rooms that offer not only comfortable beds and modern amenities but also a warm welcome and excellent service.

The rooms feature luxurious bathrooms equipped with a bath, shower, toilet, and hairdryer. From your window, enjoy a view of the bustling square known as ‘The Hill,’ adorned with fountains. While these fountains might not possess magical powers (at least not yet), allow yourself to be enchanted by the charm of ‘De Heuvel,’ just steps away from the hotel. As described on their website, exploring the fountains and terraces is a delightful possibility.

City Hotel city-centre Tilburg

As they continue to write:”Explore the Heuvelstraat shopping street and discover the numerous restaurants, bars and dancings in the immediate area. At City Hotel Tilburg, everything is about guest satisfaction! Although the hotel does not have its own restaurant, stay at ease, numerous dining options are within walking distance of the hotel.”

Herberg Het Wapen van Tilburg

Hotel city-centre Tilburg Het Wapen van Tilburg

For an ‘authentic experience’ in the heart of Tilburg, Herberg Het Wapen van Tilburg is the place to be. This inn, less than 5 minutes away from Tilburg Central Station, offers cosy rooms for both individual travellers and groups.
At the inn, you will find 7 basic rooms, ranging from double rooms to rooms for up to 6 people. All rooms are equipped with towels, linen and a sink. Guests rely on shared toilets and showers. The hotel has free Wi-Fi, a cosy bar and its own restaurant. To make your stay as pleasant as possible, Het Wapen van Tilburg has deliberately chosen affordable rates and stays without breakfast. For groups of 10 people or more, they offer the option of a group breakfast buffet for an extra charge and you can also order a ‘breakfast box’ in your room.

Herberg Het Wapen van Tilburg, city centre hotel

Hostel Roots Tilburg Centrum

Hostel Roots is a city-centre hotel in Tilburg

For a unique mix of luxury and cosiness, Hostel Roots welcomes you in what is now called the ‘Wandering Area of the city’, in the centre of Tilburg. Hostel Roots is located on the Stationstraat in the city centre and is housed in a beautiful national monument. This hostel offers different accommodation, from neat private rooms to cosy dorme: “Relax in our spacious and bright rooms, ranging from a luxurious double room with private bathroom to a cosy shared room for 12 people. Hostel Roots offers views over the ‘Wandering Area’ and the Heuvel Church, while you sleep in comfortable beds with luxurious ‘ecodown’ duvets and pillows.”

Hostel Roots Tilburg is a city centre hotel

There is a casual atmosphere here and nice facilities are offered, with private parking, a ‘basement’ bar, a sunny terrace and themed rooms that reflect the charm of Tilburg: “Whether you are travelling with friends, family, sports teams or business partners, at Hostel Roots they have the room for you.”
Exactly, like we at B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk, at Hostel Roots, they want nothing more than for you to feel at home in Tilburg and make your stay in Tilburg, an unforgettable experience!

You see, this brings you back up to speed with the options to find a hotel in the centre of Tilburg when Bed and Breakfast Tilburg itself is out of rooms. No need to delve into that long tail of search results and you can directly search for your best choice here: “Hotel Tilburg Centrum. You found it!”

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Renowned museums, Popcentrum 013, an abundance of (affordable) restaurants, cozy cafes, terraces and a center with a beating shopping heart. Tilburg is sparkling because of its various art courses, and its you crowd.

Tilburg offers nurseries for young talent such as the Conservatory, Dance, Rock Academy, Visual Arts, New Media and Creative Industry. Have you ever visited the De Pont Museum, the Textile Lab or a performance in De Nwe Vorst? I want to know what tempts you to spend the night in Tilburg? A place where it is good to stay, book your stay with us.

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Hooked, very nice cocktail bar at the corner Korte Heuvel
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Whether you like classical music or pop music, contemporary art or industrial heritage, whether you like dance or cabaret, big movie crackers or cult films … You will find it all in Tilburg: from Popcentrum 013 to Concertzaal, various theatres and stages, cinemas or alternative locations… A great place to hang out, to just enjoy.

“I didn’t really know that Tilburg is such a nice city with such a diverse offer”, is not for nothing one of the most heard reactions. Nice things to do in Tilburg! And that goes for nice cultural things as well. Be surprised by the fantastic offer of our city and feel welcome at Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk.