Our Garden

Secluded garden

B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk has a wonderful secluded garden. At the far end, the plot is concluded with our Artist in Residence, a purposely build Studio for creative inspiration. We absolutely love our garden are happy to tell you a bit more about the layout and the plants. As a result its a haven for birds.

We made this house to a warm and welcoming place, and more so in addition you’ll discover the garden being a lush and transitional area, right in the middle of Tilburg’s dynamic city centre. This blogpost was written by B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk, just to take you along into our considerations for the design of this special courtyard garden, and to give you a little preview in its special character and its feathered inhabitants.

Tranquility and Imagination

At “Home to Contemporary Art” we aim to inspire and surprise. You find warm hospitality, and an opportunity to meet with others in a design and art atmosphere to enjoy the quality of life in general

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Besides our four-storey home doubling up as a small scale Bed and Breakfast with a gallery for contemporary art, it is also an Artist in Residence. The residency offers visual artists, curators and writers the gift of time and concentration to produce and to reflect. The garden offers privacy and it affords a focal view to work without disturbances.

Our lush garden proposes a design with an eye for space and colour. The design has a huge impact on a visitor’s experience becaus it’s the first thing they see when the garden is revealed to them. The layout provides essential information. We at B&B Tilburg like to look upon a garden as we would do as a theatre stage.

There is a range of actor roles and this cross over within theatre design. Plant acting in the garden also play roles. Apart from time of blooming, the structure and the space we also take their attitutes into consideration, as well as as sun, shade, colour of foliage and trunks.

Blackbird Elsa taking a bath

Birds of a Feather

In an attempt to create reflection because in this global timeframe there is a need for “feeling of home”. There is more to life than meets the eye because a home feeling relies on a fine balance between space, warmth, comfort and environment. The garden, so full of surprises connects the Home to the he world around us. In our Home and Garden, you therefore enjoy genuine hospitality, you can meet with others in a generous design & art atmosphere and appreciate the quality of life.

12 Paper Whites in a Grid

In addition to welcoming guests from all over the world our lush garden is a sanctuary for many different birds that dwell in cities. Birds seek out places that have warmth, food and that are safe for making nests. We provide them with food in Winter and clean water in the Summer. And in addition there are branches and leaves of a grid of 12 Paper White Birches to hide and search for food in. We have summer and winter residents like robins, wrens, tits, but also nightingales, finches, collared doves, tree creepers and an occasional Peacock to name but a few. Birds visit our garden all year round.

Colours, blooms and leaves

B&B-Tilburg House front, view from the Tivoli-park

The Wandering Peacock


The year-round, at beds and breakfast Tilburg we have counted some 30 different bird species. We have summer and winter residents like robins, wrens, tits, but also nightingales, finches, collared doves, tree creepers, and occasional a Peacock to name but a few. The peacock was quite a feat, who decided to make the inner gardens of our block, his beat. Sadly, some neighbors could not cope with this big bird and the early sounds he made. So peacock ‘Tivoli’ was caught and put behind bars in a bird retreat. Actually comes Springtime you might well be woken early by a concert of bird songs at dawn, but no peacock-calls.

Peacock 'Tivoli' dances

``Wandering Peacock sighted in west L.A.``

On a remarkable coincidence, read this story of Farah Eltohamy and a wandering peacock in West L.A. in National Geographic. A mystery peacock in L.A.: When the City of Angels was on lockdown, a stranger strode the emptier-than-usual streets. He was hard to miss with his iridescent blue with a spray of rainbow tail feathers walking the Tivolistreet…

A guest Remark

“In Gust’s garden, you won’t find outrageous colour combinations. Be prepared for alternating bold yet subtle and well-planned surprises that reveal themselves in a theatre-style setting. For those who have a long back gardens, this plot is inspirational”

B&B-Tilburg flowering clematis garden details

The Seasons

Ask us about the stories of a wandering Peacock, or a Sparrowhawk catching a collared dove …

B&B-Tilburg Ontvangst met een kopje thee op het terras