Buy your dream house in Tilburg: A Unique Opportunity!

Your dream house in the heart of Tilburg is available

Are you looking for your dream home in the center of Tilburg? Then you just found it! This city villa, built in 1936 by the famous architect Frans Ruts on behalf of Gust van Dijk, is a true masterpiece. This town house is not just a terraced house, it is an experience with a beautiful history and a fantastic future.

Your dream home is waiting for you… and it is beautiful

A place waiting to be lived. And the best part? It’s now available to you! You don’t even have to start from scratch, after all, this home was completely renovated in 2007 and equipped with modern amenities (gas/water/electricity) and comfort. And super smart, while retaining its authentic characteristic details. An extra plus is that this particularly attractive house has a spacious, secluded south facing garden. The plot is closed with a new ingenious multifunctional split-level outbuilding from 2013, in matching style and equipped with every comfort and all benefits for a separated guest house are available. The house has energy label D, the annex -label A. Have you always wanted a separate guesthouse, here it is! Do you want to take care of your parents? That is possible here in this beautiful outbuilding. If you are longing for a studio/practice space or workshop, here it is.

B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk city-centre Tilburg

See, feel and experience the unique atmosphere of the 1930s

You step inside and you taste the atmosphere and the quality of finish of a bygone era, combined with modern luxury. From the beautifully designed basement to the loft-like attic with a breathtaking ‘sky-light’. This city centre dwelling exudes both history and contemporary comfort. And if that’s not enough, an enchanting garden awaits you. The plot has a deep south-facing wonderful secluded garden. A green oasis in the middle of the city, where more than 30 different bird species greet you in the morning with their cheerful songs.


This is the ideal place for you and your company. This terraced house is located on Tivolistraat, the Green Carpet to the center of Tilburg, with an enchanting view of the Interpolis Garden. The property is located opposite the impressive Interpolis building and offers ever-changing and breathtaking views. Moreover, this location is easily accessible via the Ringbaan Oost, the access road to the nearby highways A58 and A65. Parking is never a problem thanks to the residents’ permit scheme and there is plenty of paid and free parking nearby. Prefer to travel by train? Problem solved. Tilburg’s central train station is at a 12 minutes stroll. Commuting to Rotterdam or The Hague is within easy reach with direct high frequent train connections.

Tilburg itself is centrally located in the city star of Brabant; Eindhoven with Eindhoven Airport, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Breda and Turnhout are each approximately 15 minutes by car from this address. Location, location, location! Yes.

B&B-Tilburg-Zicht op het park vanuit de salon

This city villa is more than a house, this is your dream home

Gust van Dijk had already seen that clearly. This isn’t just a house in just any place; this is the place where your family will thrive. With spacious rooms, enchanting balconies on every floor, and a courtyard where children can play safely while you enjoy a moment of peace or work.

This villa offers more than just a cozy home. It is the perfect location for your business ideas. An office, a vintage shop, a luxurious chocolate shop, a boutique hotel – the possibilities are endless. Did you know the pavement in front the house is extra wide and that the shopwindow has an still working authentic sunblind. The perfect house, your ideal company, in the ultimate location in Tilburg. Let your imagination run wild. Yes, this house is for sale!

A Home for your whole family

This city villa is not just a house, but a home where families thrive. With several rooms on different floors, together there is enough space for the children and for the parents to relax, live and work. The secluded garden provides a safe and enchanting play area for the children, where they can play freely, while parents enjoy a moment of peace. This house is ideal for working or living. A spacious living room centrally located on the ground floor forms the center of this house, the place for social gatherings and the place where ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ easily connect via the covered veranda that connects to the garden.

This is your chance – Schedule a viewing now!

Did I make you curious? Book an overnight stay at the B&B and discover incognito why Bed and Breakfast Gust van Dijk has an excellent reputation and how wonderfully charming this house really is.

Or contact our real estate agent Gerritse directly for more information and start making your dreams come true. Follow the link to the presentation on Funda. Seize this opportunity and give your family and business the ideal start to a happy future.

Don’t wait any longer, this dream home in Tilburg is now within reach!

With this blog post you can not only experience the charm of this unique home, but also discover how it fits perfectly with your dreams and plans. Come and discover this “opportunity of a lifetime home” in Tilburg! Do you belong to the ideal target group for this home? Working parents with a family with young children, their own business at home? Then it is important the family-friendly aspects of this home and the environment especially for you.

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B&B-Tilburg House front, view from the Tivoli-park
B&B-Tilburg-located city centre

Schools and facilities nearby

For parents with (young) children, the proximity of schools and facilities is essential. Fortunately, this city villa is located in a neighborhood with excellent primary and secondary schools, childcare centers and playgrounds nearby. Your daily life with your family is made as easy and as convenient as possible here. Children can continue their entire school career from this residential facility. Absolutely everything necessary for this is around the corner, within walking distance or easily accessible by bike. This means there is more time for ‘quality time’ with your family: more efficient time management and more peace and balance. Ideally situated location for family life.

This way you can discover nature together here

The connection with nature is becoming increasingly important. In the vicinity of the house there are beautiful parks and green areas where you can explore nature together with your family. From the private lush garden to the Interpolis park directly opposite. Then there is the Piushaven where one cam stroll on the decks and the quay, the nearby Leipark and the Moerenburg landscape park, just across the Wilhelmina canal. A 10-minute walk and you are in the middle of nature. This offers the perfect opportunity for family walks, bike rides and picnics in nature, as well as various opportunities for sports activities. A family-friendly environment that offers peace, relaxation and adventure for everyone and at every age.

Sense of community and neighbors

This neighborhood is known for its warm sense of community and friendly neighbors. For young parents, this means a supportive environment where children can grow up safely. The neighborhood regularly hosts family-friendly events and activities, making it easy to make new friends and build social connections. The neighborhood has already jointly advocated positive developments in the neighborhood several times. Contacts with the neighbors across the street, Interpolis-Achmea, are also good.

Future memories

This dream home not only offers a place to live, but also a canvas for your dreams and for your future memories. From birthday parties to vacations, every moment shared here will leave a lasting impression. The home grows with your family, making it the perfect environment to watch the children grow and create memories that will last a lifetime. Supporting evidence? The four Van Dijk sisters, who once grew up here together in the 70s and 80s, still regularly come together here on a memory tour and stay in the B&B.


An invitation for a personal viewing

Do you see your dream home in this characteristic town house? Is it calling you? We would like to invite you for a personal viewing, where you can experience the magic of this home for yourself. Let your imagination run wild as you walk through the enchanting garden in autumnal shades. Or experience its crisp spring flower beds. Feel the warmth of the 1930s style through the preserved authentic details of this house. Discover the surprising layout of the studio whit its underfloor heating and its extra plus, the attractive wood stove.

Experience the spatial layout and dimensions and how the excessive light plays throughout the house. Discover the specious balconies integrated in the design of this house, located on each floor with a view over the inner garden. And by experiencing this yourself ‘in person’, discover what this text has not yet been able to convey. Contact our real estate agent today to arrange a viewing.

Watch the presentation of this gem on Funda for yourself here We are happy to offer you a no-obligation tour of this location. Contact our estate agent Gerritse directly for additional information.

This way, you can immediately assess whether you or your company will take up residence at this fantastic location in the heart of Tilburg. Buy your dream house in Tilburg now and give your family and work location the ideal springboard for a successful future.

B&B-Tilburg Ontvangst met een kopje thee op het terras

What others tell you

“B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk has a good reputation and is generally rated highly positively by guests. It is a small and cosy bed and breakfast in the city centre.

B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk is located in a quiet residential area of Tilburg opposite the Tivolipark, about 5 minutes’ walk from the city-centre on the ‘green runner’ to the city-centre, the Tivolistraat. Several restaurants, entertainment venues, pubs, Poptempel 013 and shops can be found in the B&B’s immediate vicinity. In good weather, guests also have the option to relax in the accommodation’s inner-garden. 

Overall, B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk proves to be a perfect choice for guests looking for a comfortable and quiet accommodation in Tilburg city centre.”