COVID-19 Our Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

We are happy to inform you about our COVID-19 Policies and Procedure to give you optimum safety during your stay.

Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk is a unique, small scale B&B where all the guestrooms have a private bathroom. Hygiene and cleanliness are at a high level in our B&B, especially now! 

In the bathrooms, you’ll find a pump-flacon Marseille soap, as well as other toiletries. There are air-dried towels and we put bathrobes out on request.
As a proven formula, we take personal care of the cleaning and preparation of our rooms. We home wash the bed linen and towels at high temperatures.
We take personal care for vacuuming and dusting the interior room make-up. The cleaning and disinfecting bathroom and toilet. All down to the last detail, so that everything is ‘Pico-Bello’, fresh and clean for the new guests to arrive. To make the whole procedure complete and welcoming, we put down a fresh rose from out of our garden.

To fight the COVID-19 Pandemic we have taken extra measures:

  • You find EPA-approved hand disinfectants for hand cleaning available upon entry.
  • A pump with hand soap is provided at each washbasin.
  • An ionising air purifier with HEPA filter has been installed in the guest rooms, which cleans the air one to two hours before your arrival and then switches it off automatically. Read more about the effects of this air cleaning method.

Checks before Booking

If you want to make a reservation with us, this is only possible if you can answer all 5 questions below with “NO”.

  1. Do you have one or more of the following (mild) complaints in the past 24 hours or at this moment: rhinitis, coughing, shortness of breath, and/or fever (from 38 degrees Celsius)?
  2. Do you currently have a roommate/family member with a fever and/or an anxiety problem being ill?
  3. Have you had the new coronavirus (diagnosed with a laboratory test) and has it been diagnosed in the last 7 days?
  4. Have you had a roommate/family member with the new coronavirus (diagnosed with a laboratory test) and have you had contact with this roommate/family member less than 14 days ago while he/she was still having symptoms?
  5. Are you in home isolation because you have had direct contact with someone diagnosed with the new coronavirus?

From 25th of February all Corona measures are skipped

Relaxations and measures from February 25, 2022
  • All businesses are allowed to maintain normal closing times.
  • Keeping 1.5 meters distance is no longer mandatory anywhere, but is still sensible.
  • The requirement to wear a mouth mask only applies to public transport and airports.
  • There are no longer any maximum visitor numbers.
  • The corona ticket is no longer required for nightclubs, discotheques, festivals and events with up to 500 visitors.
  • At events with more than 500 visitors inside, everyone must show a negative test result (1G).
    For example, in the night catering industry. A permanent seat is not required.

Health declaration rules are skipped from 25th of February 2022

In accordance with local government regulations, all guests are required to adhere to the GGD guidelines.
We want to get rid of some still temporary restrictions and that is possible, if we start working with the Corona check app. This will give a visitor a green tick when the vaccination is complete, a recovery certificate is given or a negative PCR test is given. So if you have not had the second vaccination yet, we will not see a green tick.
Doing a PCR test is then an option. Only the official PCR test, not a self-test.
Look for all the information at: Testing is free!

There are 3 valid ways for ‘corona free declaration’ for the Corona check app.
As of July 1, it is possible to show three corona access certificates, namely:

– Vaccination proof:
Proof that you have been fully vaccinated.

– Recovery certificate
Proof that you have recovered from the corona virus less than six months ago.

– Test certificate
A negative test result less than 24 hours before the start of the reservation.

All this can be officially proven with the Corona check app.

This will be available as a free download in your app store from 1 July 2021.
All information about this can be found online:

Please note: We are also obliged to check your identity and record it for the ‘municipal night register’.

Health declaration
Each guest must declare whether they experience any health complaints of any kind, and report that they have not had direct contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
Note: If this is the case, we do not grant access to stay.

Guests must indicate whether they are under an obligation of self-quarantine or isolation based on medical recommendations, by government-imposed guidelines.
Note: If this is the case, we do not grant access to stay.

Dutch COVID-19 Guidelines

Mouth masks:
If the guest prefers to wear a mouth mask during their stay in public areas, this is permitted. We do ask our guests to bring their own mouth masks.
In The Netherlands, mouth masks are only obligatory in public transport.
We don’t provide masks. We only have a limited range of disposable masks available. 

  • Maintain 1.5-meter distancing guideline
  • Don’t shake hands
  • Wash your hands regularly / often with hand soap and for at least 20 seconds.
  • Monitor yourself for if you develop symptoms and quarantine yourself if you don’t feel well about having a fever during your stay, and inform your hosts immediately by phone or SMS. So propper actions can be taken for your and our safety.
  • Please optimize the quality of your stay, comply with normal rules of tidiness & hygiene, and follow our guidelines.

Information about COVID-19

To find more information about COVID-19 regulations, please contact your local health-service for information.

Regulation and information of the Dutch RIVM regulations in English you find here