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Arthouse cinema

Arthouse Movie Theatre Tilburg, Cinecitta reopened after major renovation and expansion

Fortunately, the Cinecitta movie theatre in Tilburg has reopened again in 2014 after a major renovation and restoration project lasting two years. The renovation of Cinecitta took much more time than expected. Since 2014, there is again a complete arthouse movie theatre, with a restaurant and beautiful cinemas. One of the striking places in Tilburg has been preserved and smiles at you, passing by in the Willem II straat.

From the 31st of July 2014, we can watch the ‘arthouse cinema’ in all it’s grandeur at Cinecitta, Willem II straat, Tilburg. Everything is new (staff, volunteers, technique, bar, restaurant). The staff and volunteers have quickly found their feet. At Cinecitta, payments can only be made by PIN or with the new contactless payment.

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Popular movies and blockbusters

With Pathé Movie Theatre on Pieter Vreedeplein, there is no shortage of popular films in Tilburg, but the lack of a real arthouse movie theatre was a shortcoming. In our opinion, the most important thing is that beautiful alternative films are screened again in this fully renovated theatre just a 10-minute walk from Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk.

013 CIFF

Cinecitta is host to ‘The 013 CIFF’, Tilburg – Cinecitta International Film Festival in October this year, check-out the website to follow updates and book your stay with us. Expect quality films, a friendly atmosphere, invited guests, and a celebration of the best that cinema can be. Perfect your visit with a lovely stay at Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk at a 10 minutes walk of the festival-venue.


Great Atmosphere

The arthouse cinema Cinecitta in the Willem II straat has been struggling since the start of the renovation in 2012. In the national monument from 1867 defects came to light during the renovation that required extra time. Then the construction company that carried out the restoration went bankrupt. Despite these setbacks, it succeeded in reopening its doors in the summer of 2014. Take a look, how beautiful it has become!

Three cinemas, restaurant and Grand Café. In the front part of Cinecitta, where cinema 2 was located, is now the restaurant and Grand Café. The flagship of the cinema is room 1. Here is more possible than just watching a film. In the building behind it on the Telexstraat, formerly Room X, two more cinemas have been made and a next expansion is at hand writing this update in spring 2020. A new blok, with a basement is built in openspace between the main bluilding and the nabours.

Sitting in the dark, powered by the Sun

Extraordinary: In order to compensate for the energy that all film projectors use on an annual basis, Cinecitta has installed solar cells on the roof. Weather permitting, Cinecitta even retains energy for climate control and kitchen appliances. Cooking is done on induction. The entire building is built energy efficient and uses only electricity.

Paul Vermee and Nettie Verhagen -the proud owners- who endured all these storms deserve a sincere compliment.

We would like to draw guests’ attention to the programme of Cinecitta.
Look for the current film programme on the website of the arthouse cinema theatre.

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Solarpowered roof of arthouse movie theatre Cinnecitta