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Textielmuseum – Textiel Lab

The Textile Museum/Textiellab in Tilburg has more and more a name among enthusiasts and people who work with textiles professionally.

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Museum De Pont

The Museum De Pont was opened in 1992 from the legacy of entrepreneur Jan de Pont. A former Thomas de Beer wool spinning mill, just around the corner from

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Pop culture is celebrated in 013. From death metal to song of life and from hip hop to rock. The news that Poppodium 013 was going to rebuild in 2014 has been received with joy.

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Tilburg University

The university was founded in 1927 by Martinus Cobbenhagen as a Roman Catholic Trade College. In 1936 it was renamed Katholieke Economische Hogeschool,

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Music Festivals

By the 1st of September, the Coronavirus outbreak control measures will be eased further. An update.

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Parking 013

When visiting Popcentrum 013 by car, please pay attention to where you park the car, so that you avoid a parking ticket! Parking is very strictly controlled to counteract the additional parking pressure in the neighborhood.

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