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Textielmuseum – Textiel Lab

In short the highlights of the Textile Museum / Textile Lab in Tilburg and is definitely worth a visit, you can read it here.
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Museum De Pont

The Museum De Pont was opened in 1992 from the legacy of entrepreneur Jan de Pont. A former Thomas de Beer wool spinning mill, just around the corner from

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Vanitas and the stray Sperm Whale

Short motivation why you should certainly pay a visit to the Brabant Natural History museum in Tilburg
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Cinecitta Tilburg

Arthouse Movie Theatre Tilburg, Cinecitta reopened after major renovation and expansion

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Draaiend Huis

If you enter Tilburg from the north, you will come across the Hasseltrotonde. This roundabout is one of the most important gateways to the city.

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Vincent Van Gogh

With certainty, Vincent Van Gogh is the most well-known modern artist with roots in firmly in the soil of Brabant. Though the Van Gogh Museum, which shows

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