Who we are

About your host

and his dream

Your host is Jan-Willem van Rijnberk. My first names translate into John and William. It’s fun to realize that these are the most common names. I am your host at Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk and warmly welcome you to an enticing place where being at Home is an Experience. And Gust van Dijk? He has become my alter ego.

Designing Home for Art and Guests

Creating a special place

Imagine, after searching for more than a year all over the Netherlands, a special place was found. Not too big and not too small, a house that could be home to all the aspirations. A shophouse with a rich history at a magnificent spot in the centre of Tilburg.

In 2007, 3 full years of restoration, installation of modern comfort, and hand finishing started. Envisaged it would take just under 1.5 years, but actually, more than three years flew by. After all, every square centimetre needs attention. It is fantastic that the dream came true. Jan-Willem succeeded in implementing a new concept with his own hands. To make a Bed and Breakfast with the atmosphere of the past and comfort of the present. A home where the production of art modestly, unnoticed, sneaks in and plays a most important role!

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Generous and Welcoming

At Gust van Dijk a new home was built in a house where another home used to be before (read more on Gust van Dijk’s history). A home where together with guests, we marvel at what interests us and what brings guests and hosts together. You might think that there were 101 reasons to come to Tilburg. By now it is clear that there are 1001 reasons to visit our cosy and hospitable city and to stay at Bed and Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk.

B&B-Tilburg Gust van Dijk patio aan de tuin

Home for Guests

Guests know how to find our B&B and choose to stay Bed and Breakfast Gust van Dijk in Tilburg. When Gust receives compliments indicating that guests feel at home and enjoyed their stay, he is shining. There is a saying: “Home is Where the Heart Is” and for us, Home is where ‘the (He)art’ is.

 You are welcome to come and experience this atmosphere. Read reviews here

Paradise is just around the corner

It is really to enjoy, being home. Jan Willem says “Paradise must be just around the Corner”. On this beautiful spot, imaging the special stories that guests share with us and tell in their unique way. Hospitality is a matter of course in our lives and our passion for art is passed on without a hitch. And that’s amazing because not everyone connects to art.

As your hosts, it is so enjoyable offering guests a memorable stay that is wreathed by warmth and that relates to ambience, conviviality and coming back.

B&B-Tilburg, Collective Sunpower project Oude Ley

Sustainable and Green

Since artists offer “alternate views” on living we hope that guests to consider the importance to live in a relationship with nature and our planets’ resources and that they are aware of their interdependence. The concerns are particularly salient now, as we fret about global warming and how much time we humans have left on the planet. Art is an opportunity to for example understand better society and it’s connections to nature. “Ars Longa – Vita Brevis”.

Therefore Gust van Dijk does its utmost to achieve a more sustainable future for the world we live in. Gust is committed to cutting our energy use and reducing our carbon impact in different ways.

How we Participate

  • The electricity which is consumed in our B&B is compensated by solar power since we participate in a local energy-collective Oude Ley. Please switch off the lights when you leave your room.
  • Our energy supplier GreenChoice compensates the gas we use in our B&B, through the production of an equal amount of ‘green gas’ from out of waste streams. To reduce the gas consumption of our central heating system we use thermostatic radiator knobs throughout the house. You don’t really have to do anything about it, but if you turn them up, put them in ‘night mode’ when you leave your room.
  • To reduce washing most guests re-use their towels. Therefore please ask us for a fresh set of towels when you need them.
  • to compensate CO2, we give space to 12 Paper-white birch trees in the transcendence space in our garden,
  • We source local, seasonal food and serve locally produced and organic products. We shop at local producers, which all play a part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To fight single-use plastic bottles. Our Tilburg tap water is well water and has been awarded the best tapwater in the Netherlands. It’s more than 10.000 years old and it just runs out from the tap. In your room, you also find sparkling Tilburg water in a re-usable Sodastream bottle.
  • We strictly separate waste in order for most to be recycled. Please help us recycle glass, cans, paper, and plastics. Please place recyclable waste beside the bin in your room.
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