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Discover the history of Vincent VanGogh in Brabant

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Vincent VanGogh in Brabant Tour with your personal guide

With certainty, Vincent VanGogh is the most well-known modern artist with roots in Brabant. The VanGogh Museum in Amsterdam shows an appealing overview of his work, but the period in which Vincent VanGogh consciously chose to be an artist took place in Brabant.
Six towns in the province of Brabant have a connection with the painter Vincent van Gogh:  Zundert, Zevenbergen, Tilburg, Helvoirt, Etten-Leur en Nuenen. Four of these towns show their historic connection with Vincent van Gogh.
In Brabant the year 2015 is placed in Vincent's character! In 2015 it will be exactly 125 years since Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) died. This moment is an opportunity to honor the famous Dutch artist with a quality program: important exhibitions, biking, art events. An ideal time to visit Brabant, the birthplace of Vincent and where he spent his younger years.

Vincent VanGogh was born in Zundert on 30 March 1853 as eldest of five children in a preacher’s family. The house where he was born does not exist anymore, but in a renovated mansion - "Het Vincent van Gogh Huis" – one can get acquainted with the life of the Van Gogh family in Zundert through multimedia presentations. The presentation is set up in such a way that it is like meeting and speaking to Vincent himself. The second part of the presentation exhibits connections with contemporary artists that are influenced and/or inspired by Vincent van Gogh.

Etten-Leur has a display in a small, old sexton’s house describing his stay in Etten-Leur and illustrating the start of Vincent’s career as an artist.

In Tilburg, where Vincent attended grammar school, the classroom where he had drawing lessons has been restored to its original state. Contemporary artists are involved in the drawing education program for youngsters in Tilburg, and by doing so create more attention to VanGogh and Tilburg.

In Nuenen you can find the Van Gogh Documentation Centre, established in 1976, where photos, reproductions and archives give an impression of Vincent’s period in Nuenen. In July 2010 the “Vincentre”, the new Van Gogh Centre located on the 'Berg' in Nuenen, opened its doors to the public. In the Vincentre you can discover how Vincent van Gogh lived and painted while in Nuenen. Vincent lived and worked in Nuenen for two years, producing 196 paintings and 263 drawings.

Bed and Breakfast Tilburg "Gust van Dijk" would like to focus attention on the connection of the region with the younger years of Vincent van Gogh. Therefore Bed and Breakfast Tilburg “Gust van Dijk” offers an exclusive VIP arrangement to discover Vincent van Gogh in Brabant. The arrangement is limited to four persons.


The Vincent van Gogh House in Zundert

During the arrangement, you will be guided by the artist duo that is the driving force behind a number of much talked-about initiatives, like the Gust van Dijk ART-tours. Coming from Brabant themselves, the two guides will take you to the best and most interesting spots.

Are you interested in going on an Art Safari with us to discover the places where Vincent stayed, his birthplace Zundert and Nuenen where he painted his masterpiece “The Potato Eaters”? You can book this two-day arrangement from € 237 per person. For further enquiries about this offer, you can contact us on: 0031- (0)13 544 44 95 or send an e-mail. 
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