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Bed & Breakfast Tilburg Gust van Dijk – Authentically Contemporary 

Bed and Breakfast Tilburg "Gust van Dijk" is a welcoming Bed and Breakfast where you can have a comfortabel overnight stay. Apart from a enjoying a relaxing stay, B&B Tilburg is also a place where you can enjoy contemporary art. B&B Tilburg -Gust van Dijk- was awarded 'Best B&B' in the first episode of "Bed and Breakfast" TV-series broadcasted in the Netherlands by the broadcasting association MAX . B&B-Tilburg bit the brunt of this very successful -in 2012 introduced- TV-series, comparing each episode 3 Dutch B&B's through the eyes of the owners.

Gust van Dijk
Since the 1930s on this spot, Gust van Dijk (1884–1977) had a flourishing shop with a wide assortment of wine and tobacco. His son Kees (1913–1996) continued the business until the 1990s. In 2010 the building has been thoroughly renovated. The characteristic and authentic elements of the house and its architecture were maintained.

Frans Ruts
Well-known Tilburg architect Frans Ruts (1897-1978), was famous for the striking combination of light and space in his designs. This impressed Gust van Dijk so much that he asked Ruts in 1936 to design his new shop and home which he wanted build next to the mayor's residence. In 2010, the building has been converted from luxurious shop into its new purposes: A Home to Contemporary Art, an artistically oriented B&B with two lovely rooms rig
ht in the centre of Tilburg.  

On the ground floor there is an exhibition room, where alternating Contemporary art and Design projects are on show.

Tilburg City Centre position.
"Bed and Breakfast Tilburg" Gust van Dijk is a stone’s throw away from the inner city of Tilburg. It is near all the theatres and the shopping centre. There is a large choice of very good restaurants, music bars, lounges and cafes at
just a teeny trot from “B&B Tilburg”.

Are you In Tilburg on business or for pleasure? Are you looking for a truly pleasant overnight stay? Do you value character, good parking facilities, quality, authenticity and hygiene? Then we wholeheartedly recommend that you stay at B&B Tilburg "Gust van Dijk". Pick one of our great guest rooms, either Orange Submarine or City Park Greens and enjoy a stay in comfort surrounded by design and contemporary art.

"Gust van Dijk Home to Contemporary Art warmly welcomes you!"

Bed and Breakfast Tilburg a four tulips B&B according to   Bed and Breakfast Nederland
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