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 ... and we are on our way to the bakery...

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At Bed and Breakfast Tilburg "Gust van Dijk" you will be served a ‘French Breakfast’,
just like "Frans Ruts" used to enjoy having. Frans Ruts was an architect, a contemporary and personal friend of Gust van Dijk. We at "Gust van Dijk" believe that having an extensive breakfast in a dressing gown with a newspaper, coffee and a croissant is the best start of the day.

When there are guests "Gust" likes to get up early, cycle to the bakery and, on return, squeeze some nice oranges. He enjoys preparing the table with a sumptious breakfast, freshly preparred, delicious and healty for you.

At Gust’s B&B you can have a pleasant overnight stay in the centre of Tilburg, a town located in the middle of the province of Brabant. Whether you are in transit, on a business trip or just for pleasure: you are welcome to stay with us!
Gust does like to bring local art and culture to your attention. But first, it’s time to enjoy that fantastic ‘French’ breakfast of B&B Gust van Dijk with ‘fruitbaasjes’ jam and delicious croissants!

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